Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our products or services? Below are some of our most commonly asked question.


We offer almost any desired option, from a motor adapter to an assembly that includes the motor and is ready for mounting right out of the box. Contact your Sumitomo representative for more details.

Shaft tolerances will depend on the type of load and shock load of the application.  Shaft tolerance recommendations are included in the Appendix of our catalog.

The direction of shaft rotation on Hyponic reducers varies according to frame size and ratio.  Please refer to the Appendix in our catalog for specific data on the shaft rotation of various models.

Backstops are safety devices and have to be inspected at regular time intervals.  The periodical inspection is to be carried out by authorized personnel.  The frequency of the inspection depends on the type of application.  Please refer to the P4 service manual for recommended inspection intervals

The reducer’s radial load capacities are calculated at the midpoint of the slow speed shaft extension.  Radial load capacities decrease if the center of the load is moved farther from the reducer and the values obtained must be adjusted accordingly.  Refer to the Special Load Guidelines section in the Appendix of our cagtalog for load location factors.

Selection is based on the actual horsepower and/or torque requirements at the output shaft.  The Cyclo® HBB speed reducer has particularly high efficiencies over a wide range of reduction ratios, which frequently permits the use of reduced input power requirements (smaller HP motor) without sacrificing output shaft torque.  The selection procedures in our catalog will guide you in choosing the most efficient reducer for your application.

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