Gearboxes Aren't Corny

...but these jokes are.

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Now that we've gotten the awful puns and jokes out the way, Halloween is almost here, and it's going to be SPOOKtacular (sorry.)


Every October 31st, bags of triangle-shaped, orange, yellow, and white candies fill the sacks of young trick-or-treaters nationwide. What's the name of this debatably delightfult treat, candy corn (originally called "Chicken Feed" in the 1880s.) According to the National Confectioners Association, candy companies produce nearly 35 million pounds of the corny candy annually. That's about 9 billion individual kernels of corn.

Fan of candy corn? Believe it or not, you can find gearboxes throughout the entire process—from processing the raw materials to creating the treats and shipping them to retailers.



Annually, Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween.


Candy com ingredients vary with the manufacturer. Nevertheless, corn syrup and sugar are essential ingredients for candy corn. Sugar is harvested and processed in a mill using an industrial gearbox such as our Hansen P4. The Hansen is unique as it is service friendly with split housing, inspection cover, and maintenance-free sealing system. Sugar harvesting requires power that doesn't quit. Having a Sumitomo industrial gearbox can give you the peace of mind you need.

Once these raw ingredients are harvested, milled, and processed—the real fun begins. Candy corn is manufactured using a process called starch casting. In this process, the shape of the candy corn is formed by making impressions in cornstarch, then filled with liquid candy and left to dry. If you look close enough during this process, you may see a gearbox such as our Fortress. This AISI 304 stainless-steel gearmotor features a compact, modular housing. We fill them with FDA approved synthetic grease, and seal it for life. Fortress' smooth contour design reduces the number of scary pathogens in hard-to-reach areas.



In 2018, there were nearly 400 food product recalls. About 70 U.S. food products were recalled due to possible Listeria contamination.


Once the “corn” is dry, it's polished, packaged, and shipped off! Can you imagine what would happen if there was an issue with the shipping? The Packaging and parcel handling industry can't afford breakdowns during that process. Parcel handling applications typically operate for long hours and moving a high volume of packages at freakishly fast speeds. Wherever there's a need to package, haunt, convey, hoist, rotate, index or just push—that's where our gear drives such as our Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox® 4 Series Gearmotor, can be found.



We have a wide range of products to match your specific industry needs—or configure your product we'll custom build it to the way you like it.


According to the National Confectioners Association, an opened package of candy corn will last between three and six months. A fresh, unopened package will last about nine months! Other than Twinkies, the only thing we know that lasts for years--are our products! For over 80 years, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been providing world-class compact gearmotors, featuring industry-leading gear reducers with fully integrated premium efficient motors.



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