Thinking About Giving our P4 UniMiner the "Coal" Shoulder?

West River Conveyors & Machinery Company is a leader in custom-built, custom-designed belt drives for coal and potash applications, and is one of Sumitomo Drive Technologies largest P4 UniMiner consumer. 

Our industrial gearbox, the P4 UniMiner is used on many of West River's belt drives based on the flexibility and high customer satisfaction of the products. Customers find benefit in the universal and flippable mounting features of the P4 UniMiner, eliminating the need to buy gear reducers specifically oriented for each installation. This is a great advantage to users wanting to purchase spares for future changeouts where one reducer covers all orientations. 

“The design layouts and features of the UniMiner Drive work well with our application”, states Jerry Roulett, President of West River.  “The selection of sizes and offerings available per HP and RPM for the Hansen P4 UniMiner Drives  fit the needs of West River’s applications perfectly.  “We have had great customer acceptance with the P4 UniMiner. Customers who have installed our drives in their operations will speak highly about the quality of the reducers.  We’ve been using Hansen UniMiners on our belt drives for over a decade now.”

The application image shown below was exhibited by West River at the 2013 Bluefield Coal Show.  This  particular dual 300HP Alignment-Free Belt Drive was eventually sold to a coal mine in Indiana utilizing two P4 UniMiner MHRF-CLN-22.4 reducers.

Industrial Gearbox P4 UniMiner

West River’s Purchasing agents especially like the working relationship they have with us! Here's what Tina Clevinger in West River's Purchasing Department had to say, “Sumitomo’s ability to service West River is exceptional. Our Sales Manager makes regular visits to our shop and is excellent to work with. The factory works directly with our Purchasing Manager to meet our deadlines even when the deadlines seems very tight. Most of all, the quality products produced by Sumitomo coupled with excellent customer service make it easier for us to continue to use Sumitomo products on our belt drives.”

We're ready to rock your expectations. Out-mine your competition with the right equipment. We offer the most resilient speed reducers on the market that perform in severe operating conditions. Configure your industrial gearbox today!


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