BEIER Variator
BEIER CYCLO Variable Speed Reducer
BEIER Variator
BEIER CYCLO Variable Speed Reducer

BEIER® CYCLO® Variator

Mechanical stepless speed control with high capacity and long life, with over 50 years of tradition and trust.

  • Unique friction transmission mechanism results in a higher load capacity, due to multiple pressure contact points that lead to a lower surface pressure.
  • Extremely low wear on the friction discs, for excellent durability.
Output Shaft Solid shaft
Output Shaft Direction(s) Horizontal, Vertical downward, Vertical upward
Mounting Style Foot Mount, Flange Mount, Case Mount
Frame Size 26
Speed Control Ratio

1:4 (A Type, B Type)

1:10 (D Type)

Torque Characteristics

Intermediary characteristics of constant torque and constant output (A Type, D Type)

Constant output characteristics (D Type)

Capacity Up to 200 Hp (150 kW)
Motor Types Three phase, premium three phase efficiency, outdoors, increased safety, flameproof, compatible with global standards
Of products available with different gear ratios and output torques.
High efficiencies of up to 90%, even at high speeds
MechanicalSpeed Control
Mechanical speed control that is easy to operate.

Product Features

High Load Capacity

The unique friction transmission mechanism consists of multiple thin friction discs which allows for a higher load capacity thanks to the multiple pressure contact points, which result in lower surface pressure.

Withstands Overloads

The contact points transmit power in a state similar to fluid friction. Even under some overload conditions, metal-to-metal contact is prevented, as the oil film will not break.

Long Life

The friction discs are manufactured with wear resistant special alloy steel with high fatigue strength. The design is such that the oil film is always maintained on the contact surface, leading to very little wear on the friction discs, resulting in excellent durability.


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