Gearmotors + You. Best Buddies 4Ever

Friendships. Humans are social creatures and who’ve always valued the importance of friends and close bonds. A best buddy is your confidante, your ride or die, your soulmate. Your life would not be the same if they weren’t in it. They’re sometimes the key to our happiness and emotional well-being. National Friendship Day--the first Sunday in August, where the nation celebrates these bonds by saying “Thank you for being a friend.”

If you need a way to celebrate National Friendship Day in your industry, we have a Buddy for you. Our Bevel BUDDYBOX ®  products can have you making friendship necklaces in no time. The BUDDYBOX®  family of mid-size gear reducers and gearmotors offers a unique collection of features using our robust CYCLO® disc technology.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve spoken to an old friend and you want to repair the friendship. It’s never too late to say sorry. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Send a card
    • Write it out in a lovely card or letter. Hallmark originally founded National Friendship Day, so it’s only right. Bonus fact: You can find our Large Industrial Gearboxes for Paper Machines in some of the mills that produce the paper for these cards.
  • Create a customized song playlist
  • Chances are you, and your friends (old and new) have similar music tastes. Individual songs are sure to call to mind your favorite memories together.

Need to repair your Buddy from Sumitomo? Our Product Support is the repair division for Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA).  Our highly qualified engineering and service technicians can return your gearboxes to original design specifications. Trust us--our gearbox repairs are done to the highest standards and will not compromise on quality, service or value. #PinkySwear

If a Buddy is something you’re looking for in your industry, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has the gearboxes and speed reducers to make this friendship last forever. Contact us, we guarantee we’ll have a solution for you.


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