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Custom Industrial Gearbox Replacement

Are you considering upgrading your gearboxes? With our custom retrofitted and drop-in replacements, you can upgrade and replace older units. They'll run more efficiently, have a higher power density, and require less space. Now is the time.

Custom Replacement Gearboxes to Fit Your Needs

You shouldn't have to plan your operation around your industrial gearboxes & gearmotors. That's why Sumitomo builds gears and components customized to your needs, from drive shafts to flanges to motor plates to adapters. Our adaptability means you don't need to change anything. 

Whatever your requirements, we have a solution for you. Sumitomo Drive Technologies offers customized bases that allow our units to match the footprint of an array of existing applications and drop-in gear drives to upgrade and replace competitor units. With a wide range of options, our engineers can replace your unit with minimum impact while delivering a premier product with performance and reliability.

Were you thinking of upgrading your gearboxes? The time is now. Upgrade and replace older units as well--no matter the manufacturer-- with our custom retrofitted and drop-in replacements. As a result, they run more efficiently, have a higher power density, and require less space.

Retro-Fit Gearbox Replacement

Retro-Fit units with transition bases allow us to match your existing footprint.

Match Your Existing Footprint

Sumitomo Drive Technologies receives requests for retrofit gearboxes from companies looking for parts or repairs when the original designs are no longer available. Some issues addressed through these inquiries include leaking, vibration problems, or upgrading to increase speed or torque. 

Because input and output will still require the same connection points, the footprint is very important. Retrofit gearboxes are great options for companies that want a solution that will fit in the same spot, weigh less, have higher efficiency and have a longer life.

Finding a solution to an existing application is often more appealing than starting over from scratch.

Drop-In Gearbox Replacement

Custom drop-in units made to match existing unit’s critical dimensions.

Match Existing Unit’s Dimensions

With downtime being such a critical factor in your operation, let us install one of our custom drop-in units. Installation-ready units are designed specifically to drop-in to existing applications with ease.

Our expert engineers understand that on-site modifications or re-engineering your system is not always an option. These stress-free units can have your application back up and running in no time. We offer fabricated steel housings, custom baseplates, custom gearing and shafting, and more!

This product will literally drop-in to place; same footprint, same shaft positions!

Our Gearbox Replacement Solutions

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