Tuaka Actuator

Tuaka™ is Coming...

Winner of the 2022 Hannover Messe Hermes Award, this family of innovative Actuators is something you don't want to miss.

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Sumitomo Precision and Advanced Gearboxes

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The Smartris™ Solution

A compact, integrated, and intelligent solution of : Gear + Servo Motor + Drive.

Precision Gearboxes

Advanced Gearboxes

Servo Cyclo
Cyclo® Drive for Servo Motors

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Servo BBB4
Servo Bevel Buddybox® 4

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Servo Hyponic
Servo Hyponic®

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Tuaka Active
Tuaka™ Active

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Tuaka Servo
Tuaka™ Servo

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tuaka drive
Tuaka™ Drive

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smartris™ - Packaged-Drive Solution for AGV/AMR

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