Precision and Servo Gearboxes & Accesories for Any Motion Control Application

Sumitomo Drive Technologies showcases a wide range of precision and advanced servo gearboxes tailored for motion control applications, including zero-backlash cycloidal and harmonic drive/strain wave gearboxes, which offer compactness, minimal backlash, and high reduction ratios. Additionally, we offer actuators, AGV/AMR wheel drive solutions, and inline, right-angle, and planetary servo gearboxes like Servo Cyclo and Servo Bevel Buddybox® 4. 


Zero Backlash Precision Gearboxes

Strain Wave/Harmonic Drive Gearbox

Our Strain Wave/Harmonic Gearbox, the E-Cyclo, blends the mechanics of elasticity and harmonic distortion for high-precision power transmission. These gearboxes are celebrated for their compact size, high reduction ratios, and minimal backlash, which are ideal for precision-critical applications.

Its torsional stiffness is approximately twice that of the general strain wave gear competitor due to our inclusion of the cycloidal tooth design, which is unique to the market.

Cycloidal Gearboxes

Our cycloidal gearbox line, the Fine Cyclo series, is distinguished by its unique cycloidal disk mechanism offering high precision, low backlash, and high load capacity. The Fine Cyclo® series features zero-backlash, single- and double-stage drives, providing compact design, high torsion, and low inertia, suitable for dynamic tasks.

Options include the high torque density DA-Series, efficient UA-Series, large bore C-Series, pre-staged T-Series, and high-load W-Series.

Servo Gearboxes

Inline & Right Angle Servo Gearboxes

We offer Inline and Right-Angle Servo Gearbox options designed for increased efficiency, durability, and precision.

The inline Servo Cyclo® gearbox is noted for its robust performance and versatility across applications. Its notable features include a 500% momentary shockload capacity and a wide ratio range.

Right-angle servo gearboxes, like the Servo Hyponic® and Servo Bevel BuddyBox® 4, provide compact efficiency and maximize torque.

servo family

Planetary Servo Gearboxes

The IB Series features low backlash planetary gearboxes designed for precision and efficiency, with backlash ranging between 3 and 15 arcmin. These compact, quiet units offer a broad torque range and support maximum input speeds up to 6000 rpm.

Equipped with large diameter precision angular contact ball bearings on the output shaft for handling large radial loads, these gearboxes are maintenance-free, lubricated for life, and facilitate quick installation to servo motors with a clamp ring design. This makes them ideal for servomotor applications requiring precise positioning and ease of installation.

planetary ib servo

AGV/AMR Wheel Drive System

smartris agv amr wheel drive system

smartris - Packaged-Drive Solution for AGV/AMR

The smartris solution from Sumitomo Drive Technologies is a compact, integrated drive system designed for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), combining gear, servo motor, and drive. It features easy installation, long-life grease, and customization options.

With types ECO and PRO, it offers various reduction ratios and supports a total weight of up to 5500 kg at speeds up to 2.0 m/s.


Tuaka Actuators

The TUAKA™ series represents our latest innovation in actuators, designed for seamless human-machine interaction. Emphasizing reliability, safety, and efficiency, the TUAKA™ actuators boast easy and cost-efficient system integration, quick time-to-market, and flexible configurations for various applications.

These actuators merge Sumitomo's E-Cyclo gear with a powerful servo motor, supporting configurations with single or double encoder systems and an efficient brake, among other features. Ideal for robotics and precision applications, TUAKA™ offers a compact solution with extensive configuration options to meet diverse operational needs.


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