plastic components

Steel, iron, and aluminum are the dominant materials in the mechanical power transmission industry for good reason. Plastics, however, offer valuable features that should be utilized for good gearbox design.

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This paper will show the test results of a series of stop-start tests conducted on the BBB-H IE3 Gearmotor, Lafert IE5 PM Motor & Invertek VFD drive.

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A case study on Safeco Field and how to achieve longer gearbox service life through proper product selection and maintenance. 

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Whitepapers, Articles and Power Transmission Tips from our Engineers

TGB-XL Bushing for the Sumitomo BBB4

The TGB-XL was designed to allow for the BBB-4 to be mounted on the existing shaft by minimizing the required engagement distance.  The TGB-XL can be installed on the existing shafts even if there is a keyway. 

Gearbox development for the food and beverage processing industry

Industry-specific power transmission needs can be efficiently served by a streamlined product development process. The ‘Food and Beverage’ industry has a variety of gearbox applications that are regulated by governmental industry standards, such as USDA and FDA. The scope of this paper is to construct a gearbox in compliance with these standards, which may be substantially different from typical industrial requirements.

How Green is Your Gearbox? 

This paper will provide recommendations and ideas for obtaining a highly efficient gearbox while still taking into consideration application constraints.

The Dynamic Simulation and Analysis of a Cycloidal Speed Reducer

In industry, digital prototyping has become a valuable tool for the design and subsequent analysis of components for a proposed design. It is not common to find dynamic examples of the operation of a cycloidal type speed reducer where the kinematics of the reduction mechanism is completely different from that of the traditional involute gearing. The paper explores a method of dynamically simulating a cycloidal type speed reducer where the generated internal loads are used to assess the stresses acting on one of the major reduction components contained within the cycloid disc.

Gearbox Lubrication and Efficiency

Can lubricants improve gearbox efficiencies?  This paper will explore how oil selection can affect gearbox efficiency.

Lubrication Technology

This paper provides basic lubrication information for industrial gearbox oils and examples of specific recommendations for Sumitomo Drive Technologies' products. Basic properties, terms from specification sheets and maintenance information are also included.

Torque Arm Design Considerations for Shaft-Mounted Reducers

This paper provides some design guidelines for torque arm applications in shaft-mounted speed reducers.

Role and Maintenance of Gearmotors in Automotive Manufacturing

This paper will review ways in maintaining and managing automotive equipment for trouble-free operation.

Aerator Input Requirements

Considerations for Aerator Applications in the Wastewater Treatment Industry.

Maintenance Guild

Sumitomo Drive Technologies' 2007 Maintenance Guild Technical Article on "Roll Drive Design Considerations for Steel Mill Rolling Operations".

AGMA Technical Paper - Cyclo Vibration Analysis

Methodology for Identifying Defective Cycloidal Reduction Components Using Vibration Analysis and Techniques

Designing for Static and Dynamic Loading of Gear Reducer Housing with FEA

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is working on a design of the alignment-free system by using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to help guide the design process.

FMEA to Wastewater Aerator Drives

The goal of this analysis is to provide a technical understanding of the cause(s) of failure, its consequences, and a means to correct any problems with the gearbox - real or perceived in WWT Aerator Drives.

Reducer Shaft Mounting Systems

Learn about the different methods of shaft-mounting a reducer that includes keyed, splined, taper grip bushing, shrink disc and rigid coupling.

How Does Your Gearbox Sound?

Sound can be a very subjective thing. What may sound “unusual” to one individual may very well sound “normal” to another. As a method of diagnosing a potential problem with a gearbox or gearmotor, the sound coming from it should not solely be relied on to determine whether a problem exists. 

Gearbox for Mixer Applications

Selecting the right gearbox for your mixer application is important - especially when it is also the key support between the impeller shaft and the motor.

Gearbox Service Factors for Overhead Cranes

One of the most critical aspects to consider when sizing and selecting a gearbox is the required service factor.  Learn how to determine the proper service factor for overhead crane applications.

Dynamic Analysis of a Cycloidal Gearbox Using Finite Element Method

This paper discusses the stress distribution, modeled in a dynamic simulation environment, on the rotating parts of Cycloidal reducer. A three-dimensional finite element model is developed using Algor FEA commercial code to simulate the combined effect of external loading and dynamic as well as inertial forces on one--cycloid disc system.

The Importance of Oil Analysis and It's Influence on Examining Gearbox Performance


This paper will explain how used oil analysis can help determine the condition of a gearbox at a given time by learning the most critical factors for used oil analysis, how to read the results of a used oil analysis report and how trending can help schedule preventive maintenance actions.

Easy Grip - How Can it Save You Money?


This paper will explain how the Easy Grip can save your company money. 

Mobil SHC Gear Hi-Shock (“Hi-Shock”) 150 Synthetic Oil – Is it worth the money?

Find out if switching to Mobil SHC Gear Hi-Shock is worth it. 

Drywell or Not? When should I use it?

Learn more about the Drywell from its design to its purpose. 

Advantages of the Sumitomo BBB4 Screw Conveyor Drive

Find out the advantages of the Sumitomo BBB4 Screw Conveyor Drive

Mill Duty Cyclo Drive

Torque Arm Options

Condition Monitoring Systems

What are the Advantages and how to deploy a Successful PDM Program

Designing Plastic Components

How to Achieve Longer Gearbox Service Life Through Proper Product Selection and Maintenance

A case study on Safeco Field and how to achieve longer gearbox service life through proper product selection and maintenance.