Our gear drives are built to run in the toughest steel mill applications.


What separates us from the competition?

2 Year
Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
500 %
Shock load capacity with Cyclo units
24/7 Service
Available after hours

Steel Mills

Steel mills demand maximum performance of their equipment, able to withstand 24 hours a day and 7 days a week operations, with high efficiency and low maintenance. We understand that the high shock loads, dust, heat, and moisture in the corrosive environments of the steel industry require robust, reliable, and efficient products.

Equipment failure in rolling mills can destroy materials and incur significant costs to the organization.   For these reasons, Sumitomo is the trusted solution in power transmission products.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies’ products are extremely reliable, guaranteed by a two-year warranty, and have an exceptionally long service life. 

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Steel Brochure

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"With respect to our issue, I could not be more pleased with the responsiveness Sumitomo displayed. Their gearboxes will be installed in the next four phases of this project."

Steel Mill
Hickman, AR

"Our applications are so demanding that we’ve broken shafts, we’ve broken pillow blocks, but we’ve never broken a Cyclo® reducer. In one case, the gears of one of the previous drives flew right out of the casing when shock pounded the worm right through it. Now, anytime a drive in the plant failed, whenever possible, we replaced it with a Cyclo®. Cyclos tolerate harsh operating conditions like rapid reversal, shock loads, water, dirt and heat better than any other gearbox."

Steel Mill
Whitby, Ontario