Industrial Gearbox Inspections & Maintenance Services

System failures and downtime can increase operators' costs quickly. Be sure not to let it get that far. Through our Inspection and Maintenance Services, you can avoid these types of failures and keep your running costs low.

On-site Industrial Gearbox Inspections

Our industrial gearbox inspection services help you detect failures as early as possible and ensure the efficiency of your application.

You can rely on Sumitomo to inspect your industrial gearbox technology to ensure it performs at its best. Our professionals will assist you in developing your maintenance strategy and advise you on how to optimize your maintenance.

A key success factor for maximizing operational efficiency is the reliability and uptime of industrial gearboxes and other power transmission components. Whether it's Sumitomo gearboxes or competitor gearboxes, Sumitomo can help you find and highlight risks. 

The inspection includes an optical check of the gearbox's condition. Upon completion of the examination, a report is generated. The inspector will then prepare, finalize, and review the inspection report with the client.

Sample Gearbox Inspection Report

Inspection Reports include detailed findings on failure/root cause (if applicable), gearing, bearing, seal, base, housing, and lubrication conditions. Sumitomo reports provide clear information about the condition of gearboxes, suggested repairs, and their priorities. We'll identify gearboxes that present performance or service concerns and if requested, solutions to these issues.

Our customers regularly use reports as a dependable guide for PM scheduling, outage duration/manpower needs, and budgeting for future gearbox repairs and new unit purchases. 

Are You Ready to Schedule an Gearbox Inspection?

It is critical that you perform regular inspections and maintenance on your industrial gearboxes in order to prolong the operational life of your equipment.

Why choose gearbox inspection services from Sumitomo?

Detect Failures
Detect failures of critical components early.
Improve Budgeting
Minimize repair and maintenance costs while maximizing production time.
Reduce Downtime
By conducting regular in situ gearbox inspections, we can identify any problems before they become serious.

On-Site Gearbox Maintenance Services

Sumitomo Drive Technologies' gearbox service department is also available to provide gearbox maintenance and warranty evaluations as needed.

Highly skilled and experienced machinists can aid your interval gearbox maintenance needs. After months of neglect, the costs to fix an industrial gearbox far exceed the potential savings with a regular maintenance interval. Maintaining operational efficiency and uptime is key to any successful manufacturing operation. Our routine maintenance services provide a safety net to ensure uptime. 

Sumitomo strongly recommends following the guidelines laid out in every gearbox manual. 

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Complete Gearbox Support

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