Test your severe-duty forestry applications with our products. Our gear drives offer the highest shock-load capacity available in the industry.

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Wood Products Manufacturing

Many of the gear drives used in the Forestry Industry receive punishment from changing speeds and high shock loads.  Heavy log weights dropped onto conveyors and other applications can snap the teeth of many gear drives. 

Proven through decades of service in forestry, Sumitomo Drive Technologies delivers the toughest gear drives available to meet the harsh demands of forestry applications.

Join our large base of customers who trust our products to provide them durable and cost-effective performance.

What separates us from the competition?

2 Year
500 %
Shock load capacity with Cyclo units
24/7 Service
Available after hours
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"We chose Sumitomo for their high reduction efficiencies which makes them space conservative and fewer sizes and ratios satisfy the requirements we had which saved money and reduced spares. That's why we specify them and have over 400 Cyclo® speed reducers installed."

OSB Plant
Drayton Valley, Alberta

"Sumitomo Cyclo® Speed Reducers performed 24 hours a day for 10 million hours of productive time until one finally quit. I accept that kind of performance."

OSB Plant
Drayton Valley, Alberta

"I don't know if you realize it, but word of mouth is Sumitomo's best sales tool. When we were still in the planning stages, I checked around with other folks in our business about their experiences with drives. The word in our industry and among our "extended family" of sawmill owners is that Sumitomo Cyclo® Drives are great! Sumitomo claims 500% shock load capacity and I believe it. You might think that on a flooring line we wouldn"t have much shock loading compared to a traditional wood mill. But when boards jam or when we put 6 or 7 packages at a time on our haul-up conveyor, that's 48,000 pounds. Cyclos handle those sudden stops and starts with no problem."

Hardwood Floor Manufacturer
Macon, GA

"We wanted a speed reducer that we new could hold up to the 24-7 operation of our Robotic Patching system. We needed something as reliable as our robots, even though we were asking it to run through high starting and stopping speeds and continuous operations under hard environmental conditions (high temperature, dust, etc). Cyclo has come through with flying colors and has performed better than any other reducer we have used before. Not only have we had no problems - we have been able to push the cycle time further than we could imagined. We will continue to use the Cyclo on all material handling conveyors that we manufacture."

Veneer and Plywood Machinery Equipments
Eugene, OR