Water Treatment

When strength and dependability are requirements, Sumitomo Drive Technologies is the best option.  Whether Clean Water or Waste Water Treatment, choose Sumitomo for a premium lineup of gear reducers for your water treatment systems. 


Water Treatment

Sumitomo Drive Technologies recognizes the challenges that water treatment plants confront every day. Whether you are providing clean and safe drinking water for your customers or treating waste water, you need drive solutions that can run efficiently and reliably for 24 hours, 365 days of the year. When downtime is as costly and inconvenient as it is in the water treatment industry, choose Sumitomo for speed reducer and drive solutions that keep your water treatment facility up and running

What separates us from the competition?

2 Year
500 %
Shock load capacity with Cyclo units
24/7 Service
Available after hours
sumitomo water treatment industry brochure

Water Treatment Brochure

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"Paramax® reducers were initially specified for this application for off-the-shelf availability of internal parts. Little did we know that spare parts would not be needed. The Paramax® units run cooler, quieter and more reliable than any we’ve had in the past."

Wastewater Treatment Facility
Clearwater, FL

"Cyclo drives have given us the best performance of any of the gear drives we’ve ever had in this plant. Not only have we noticed a 40% reduction in amp draw over previous units, we find that our mixers are distributing wastewater to all corners of the tank. This tells us that the Cyclo® Drives are using less energy while supplying more torque than we used previously."

Wastewater Treatment Facility
Hillsborough County, FL