Food and Beverage

We offer gearmotors tailored to the unique requirements of the food and beverage industry. From extreme temperatures to caustic high-pressure wash-down environments, we provide solutions that meet your demands.

Shield 360

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Governing sanitation bodies are recommending more severe bacteria control in food and beverage handling environments. Equipment utilized within food handling facilities must be capable of withstanding long-term exposure to chemical washdowns, without external degradation or compromise in performance.

Unlike any other manufacturer, we have solutions that will meet your most stringent requirements. Our line-up of products include:

  • Food grade harsh duty cassette sealing solutions
  • NSF H1 food grade lubricant
  • SHIELD360°® paint protection product line
  • IP69K certified gear reducers
  • Stainless steel gear reducers


What separates us from the competition?

IP69K Certification
On all UltraSHIELD360° coated line of Food & Beverage gear reducers
500 %
Shock-load capacity on Cyclo® reducers and gearmotors.
2 Year
Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Food & Beverage Brochure

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F2C-A Gear with integral tapered roller bearing
Fine Cyclo A-Series F2 Type

The high precision all-rounder gearbox

Allowable peak torque
335 Nm - 2910 Nm
2965 in-lbs - 25756 in-lbs
Ratio range
29:1 - 179:1
<1 arcmin Lost Motion
Shaft configuration
Servo Bevel Buddybox® 4
Shaft configuration
Right Angle
Optidrive E3 Variable Frequency Drive
Power range
0.37 kW - 37 kW
0.5 HP - 50 HP
Optidrive P2 Variable Frequency Drive
Power range
0.75 kW - 250 kW
1 HP - 350 HP
IB Series P2 Type

Low backlash, high torque precision gearbox

Allowable peak torque
900 Nm - 3000 Nm
7966 in-lbs - 26552 in-lbs
Ratio range
4:1 - 100:1
<3 arcmin Lost Motion
Shaft configuration
IB Series PK1 Type

Low backlash, low torque right angle precision gearbox

Allowable peak torque
35 Nm - 380 Nm
310 in-lbs - 3363 in-lbs
Ratio range
6:1 - 243:1
<6 arcmin / <15 arcmin
SEISA GC Coupling

*Reference Transmission Torque

RHYTAX® Gearmotor - Durable and versatile gearmotor for industrial applications"  SKK Gearmotor AF/SF Series
RHYTAX® Gearmotor
Power range
0.4 kW - 45 kW
0.5 HP - 60 HP
Ratio range
10:1 - 545:1
Shaft configuration
Right Angle
BEIER® CYCLO® Variator
Power range
0.2 kW - 150 kW
0.25 HP - 200 HP
HYPONIC® Gearmotor
Power range
15 W - 11 kW
0.13 HP - 15 HP
Ratio range
5:1 - 1440:1
5:1 - 1440:1
Shaft configuration
Right Angle
Cyclo® 6000 Speed Reducer
Torque range
24 Nm - 68200 Nm
212 in-lbs - 603620 in-lbs
Ratio range
2.5:1 - 658503:1
2.5:1 - 658503:1
Shaft configuration

"Sumitomo has made the commitment to assemble and supply this product line locally. This commitment made the selection easy. The product has always been excellent, and easy availability tipped the balance."

Tortilla Oven Conveyor Manufacturer
El Monte, CA

"Sumitomo continues to be our primary source for drive solutions. The reliability of the product and the service are simply unmatched. The design flexibility, high torque capacity, reliability and special features such as the Taper Grip Bushing are unparalleled in the industry. We continue to use Sumitomo products because they are simply the best."

Tortilla Manufacturer
Pomona, CA

"The Sumitomo gear reducers are very efficient and require practically no maintenance. We supply them as standard on all of our conveyors and tunnels unless a customer specifically requests a gearmotor from someone else. Sumitomo also gives us great service. We get a lot of quick turnaround orders, and on a few occasions, Sumitomo has been able to get reducers on their way to us within a day. And their gear reducers seem to run forever. We include a list of replacement parts with every conveyor we deliver, in case a customer needs a spare part, and I seldom remember when anyone ordered a replacement reducer due to failure."

Bakery Conveyor Manufacturer
Taylorsville, GA

"We like the fact that Sumitomo gearmotors are grease lubricated and will not leak oil. In addition, they have a clean modern design which complements the design of our equipment. They also offer worldwide availability which is important for a global company like ours."

Pasta Research Facility

"Every grape variety requires a different delivery rate to the crusher. Bigger berries require a low rate, say 50 tons an hour, while delivery rate for smaller berries might be 100 tons an hour. We needed a drive that was as maintenance-free as possible. We also wanted something with no mechanical problems. At a meeting of a nearby engineers’ club, I heard comments about the Sumitomo Beier Variator. I was sold."

Delano, CA

"We prefer to use Hyponic® on all of our projects. If one of our customers has different gearbox preference, we strongly encourage them to use Hyponic®, because of all of the features and benefits."

Beverage Conveying Systems Manufacturer
Hollister, CA

"Because of the high starting torque and low operating speeds, chains and sprocket drives were impractical and standard gear type reducers were subject to failure. The Cyclo® speed reducers solved these drawbacks. They are rugged and readily withstand the high torque loads. In fact, they run like clockwork...Maintenance? Zero. We have never had to replace a bearing."

Cheese Manufacturer
Tillamook, OR

"No preventive maintenance or service for repair has been conducted on the drives since they were installed. They work so well, I forget they're there."

Flour Milling
Rome, GA

"We purchased 22 BBBs and they have been running for the last two years now without any problems. Sumitomo’s ability to come up with innovative design solutions to application challenges was a reason why we chose them. These designs have saved our assembly time and maintenance time, which has lowered the cost to run these drives. This is a true win-win situation for all parties involved when this type of drive is used."

Flour Milling
Salina, KS

"I really appreciate the degree of details of your testing reports. We, here at Beardstown, appreciate your candid and honest findings on all the issues that we have encountered during the last 3-4 years surrounding the testing of these reducers and implementing them into our equipment. As you know, we have had our pains in this journey as well. Since the beginning, we have made enormous strides in making a true “Food and Beverage” reducer that I believe will give us the service life and food safety precautions we desire and give you the edge over your competitors from a reliability perspective. It is refreshing to work with a company that has the same core values that we have, commitment to serve, respect for others, integrity, safety and passion for success."

Beardstown, IL

"We have used various gearboxes and nothing compares to the durability and longevity of Sumitomo drives. Our customers now demand Sumitomo drives."

Catfish Aerator Manufacturer
Macon, MS