Gearbox Service & Support

Less Worry, More Value

Sumitomo’s Industrial Gearbox Repair, Maintenance and Service Team is Here for You.

We offer gearbox repair and service solutions, technical expertise, replacement gearbox options, and on-site services for any problem you have. 

The Sumitomo Drive Technologies team has developed a reputation for excellence in gearbox repair, rebuilding, and analysis. We have engineering, reverse engineering, disassembly, gear manufacturing, and rebuilding capabilities, making Sumitomo the ideal one-stop-shop for small, medium, and large gearbox repair, service, and support.  

Gearbox Services We Offer:

Industrial Gearbox Support and Solutions from Beginning to End

Reliable & Fast Support

Many of our customers have realized the long-term benefits of using our Aftermarket Services to maximize up-time, protect the value of their investment, increase efficiency, and reduce equipment operating costs.

Whenever and wherever you need us, we are just a phone call away. We make sure that your gearboxes and applications are supported to the highest standard by our Sumitomo industrial gearbox technicians. You can rely on Sumitomo Drive Technologies for inspections, maintenance, spare parts delivery, on-site gearbox repair services, and more.

If you are looking for a lifetime partner for your operation, Sumitomo is the perfect fit. Download our Gearbox Service & Support brochure to learn more about our capabilities and offerings.


Coast to Coast Gearbox Support

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gearbox repair

Stay Operable In Every Situation

You can rest assured that Sumitomo experts can analyze and repair your industrial gearbox--regardless of the brand, specs, or configuration. Our technicians can do gearbox repairs onsite, reducing downtime and lowering costs, or you can ship your gearbox or speed reducer to any of our United States facilities.

industrial gearbox replacement

Easily Upgrade Your Obsolete Gearbox

Thinking of upgrading? The time is now. Our custom retrofitted and drop-in replacement units let you upgrade and replace older units, no matter the manufacturer. In most cases, they run more efficiently, have a higher power density, and therefore need less space. 

Gearbox Inspections

Ensure Your Gearbox Runs Smoothly

Expert-led inspections ensure your gearboxes function properly – now and in the future. This can include checking and adjusting oil level, quality, and viscosity, as well as lubrication and play-in bearings.

sumitomo spare part lists

Purchase Genuine Sumitomo Gearbox Parts

All our spare parts are designed to fit perfectly into all Sumitomo brand products, protects your warranty, and ensure the safety of your equipment in the event of a breakdown.

predictive maintenance tools sumitomo

Take Out The Guesswork

Sumitomo has the predictive maintenance products you need to monitor the condition of your industrial gearbox and be warned when your unit is about to reach a critical state.

sumitomo gearbox warrany program

The Longest Standard Warranty Around.

Sumitomo products are built to last. All of our gearmotors and reducers include a standard warranty at no extra charge, even though they are known among industry leaders as one of the best and long-lasting drives available.

Sumitomo Start Up Services

Get Your Gearbox Installed and Running Properly

As soon as you're ready, we'll be there. We provide support and these services • Supervision, oversight, and turnkey solutions • Pre-start validation and installation • Collection of baseline startup operating data • Certificate of commissioning.

after hours support

Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing We're Here For You!

All of our US facilities stock gearbox parts and components so that you can get relief from your emergency gearbox problems right away.

Industrial Gearbox Repair & Rebuild Services

Need Something Quick? Don't Stress.

If all the parts are in stock in one of these facilities, for a small fee, we will guarantee same-day, 1-day, or 2-day lead times. All standard Cyclo, BBB, HBB, Hyponic, and HSM units are eligible, as are any parts in stock.