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Servo Gearboxes

Servo gearboxes are mechanical components designed to increase torque and reduce the speed of a servo motor's output shaft. They are an essential part of many automated and precision control systems.

Experience increased efficiency, durability, and precision with our Planetary, Inline & Right Angle Servo gearbox options: The Cyclo Servo, Servo Bevel BuddyBox 4, and Servo Hyponic.

Servo Gearbox Options From Sumitomo

Inline Servo Gearboxes

servo cyclo

Servo Cyclo®

Power Meets Precision, Every Revolution

Explore the precision and efficiency of the Cyclo Inline Servo Gearbox. Designed for seamless integration and optimal performance in demanding applications, this servo gearbox offers unmatched durability and control.  The Cyclo® technology, coupled with innovative product options and accessories, offers the most extensive range of application solutions available.

  • 500% Momentary Shockload 
  • Available with Standard Backlash or Low Backlash 
input speed.png

Input Speed

Up to 4,000 RPM

diameter icon

Output Diameter

1/2in to 7in (Solid Shaft)

zero backlash torque icon


Up to 603,000 Ib•in (68,130 N•m)

ration icon.png

Ratio Range

3:1 up to 658,503:1

Right Angle Servo Gearboxes

Right Angle Hypoid Servo Gearbox

servo hyponic

Servo Hyponic® Gearbox:

Quiet Strength, Compact Efficiency

This right-angle hypoid servo gearbox features a compact, modular housing and a gear efficiency of up to 93% across all ratios.

  • Maintenance-free grease lubrication
  • A variety of industry packages and options are available, including grease lubrication, antibacterial coating, waterproofing, and low-temperature requirements. 
  • Clamp Ring Input
input speed.png

Input Speed

Up to 3,600 RPM

diameter icon

Output Diameter

3/4in to 2in

zero backlash torque icon


Up to 1,480 N•m (13,100 Ib•in)

ration icon.png

Ratio Range

5:1 up to 1,440:1

Right Angle Bevel Servo Gearbox

Servo BBB4

Servo Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Gearbox:

Maximizing Torque, Optimizing Control.

The Cyclo BBB4 Servo Gearbox is a right-angle servo gearbox with all-steel internal construction, Cyclo® or planetary gear inputs, and ductile iron housing, all of which provide unmatched ruggedness.  

  • 100% Hardened Steel Components 
  • Oversized, single-piece pinion provides a robust solution capable of 300% momentary shock-load. 
input speed.png

Input Speed

Up to 4,000 RPM

diameter icon

Output Diameter

1in to 4-15/16in (Hollow & Solid Shaft)

zero backlash torque icon


Up to 159,983 Ib•in (18,076 N•m)

ration icon.png

Ratio Range

11:1 up to 26,000:1 and greater

Planetary Servo Gearboxes

ib precision servo

IB Precision Servo Gearboxes

Low Backlash, Low Torque for Precise Movements

This line of low backlash planetary servo gearboxes are precision units with backlash between 3 and 15 arcmin. These incredible compact and quiet reducers have a large torque range and can allow maximum input speeds up to 6000 rpm. Large diameter precision angular contact ball bearings, supporting the output shaft, allow large radial loads

  • Maintenance-Free for Life
  • Simple Motor Assembly with Clamp Ring

5 Critical Benefits You’ll Enjoy with Sumitomo Servo Gearboxes That the Competition Can’t Match

1. Intuitive Online Configurator
Our user-friendly online configurator makes product selection effortless. Based on your application needs, it recommends the most suitable gearbox and even provides immediate 3D model downloads for integration into your design.
2. Full Information Accessibility
With our online configurator and open access to our team, you're never in the dark. Whether you need technical specifications, 3D models, or just a conversation with a representative, we're here for you.
3. Superior Japanese Engineering
Sumitomo gearboxes encapsulate the fine precision and unwavering reliability synonymous with Japanese engineering expertise. Expect world-class performance, every time.
4. Universal Mounting Positions
With the ability to be mounted in any position, our gearboxes offer unparalleled flexibility. This feature means design changes won't affect your product selection, giving you peace of mind and saving time. 
5. Swift Quoting & Delivery
Our representatives provide quick and precise quotes, inclusive of pricing and delivery details, helping you make well-informed decisions faster.

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Ready to Design Your Inline, Right Angle or Planetary Servo Gearbox?

Servo Gearbox design is simple. with our online Product Configurator. This tool streamlines the selection process, enabling you to build the best motion control product for your specific application.