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A perfect interaction between human and machine, that is the basis of all our work. With the utmost passion and feeling for the biggest and the smallest details, our engineers take the Sumitomo Drive Technologies DNA to the next level with the TUAKA™ product family.

Welcome TUAKA™. Welcome the future.


Sumitomo Drive Technologies' All-New Family of Innovative Actuators

The Tuaka family of actuators is highly reliable and safe with a broad quality base of knowledge and years of experience in development. System integration is made easy and cost-efficient with only a minimal amount of time required. The result is a faster time-to-market strategy. You can use our Tuaka Actuators in a variety of configurations, allowing for easier development.


Tuaka's base unit combines our well-known ECY gear with a powerful servo motor. The parts are perfectly matched for maximum performance. Whatever configuration is used, all components ensure a hollow shaft. 

This actuator can incorporate either a single or double encoder system and has an efficient brake. The whole modular drive consists of a torque sensor and a reliable driver with an extendable safety system. All of this can be offered together with the highest possible level of integration--making the Tuaka one of the smallest solutions of its kind.

Due to its many configurations, the TuakaTM can be used in robotics and all kinds of precision applications. As a result of the system's flexibility, a multitude of combinations can be achieved for optimum performance. You have the freedom to focus on your core competency, while Sumitomo provides the optimal system solution for you.

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Tuaka™ Active


Gearbox + Motor

Tuaka™ Servo


Gearbox + Motor + Encoder

Tuaka™ Drive


Gearbox + Motor + Safety Features (SBC, STO)

Basic Options:


Integrated disc brake

matched to the motor torque


Integrated torque sensor

matched to the entire torque range of the gearbox

Wahl des Encoders

Variety of encoders

SICK SES/SEM, Heidenhain KBI1335, RLS AksIM-2TM

Wahl des Encoders

Second Encoder at gear output

Absolute multiurn

Erweiterte Sicherheitsfunktion

Extended safety functions

SS1, SS2, SLS, SLP, SBT, Safe process data (FSOE)





Technical Accessories:

Innenschutz der Hohlwelle

Internal protection of hollow shaft for cable installation

Static tube made from resin material to protect wires


Housing protection according to IP class 50 or 62 or 66

Standard protection: IP20


Standard connector set (all industrial standards)

Standard wires without connectors (ferrules only)

Zusätzlicher Kühlkörper

Additional heat sink

For increase of power consumption, designed around the available space of the customer

Externer Driver

External Driver

Wired to the axis and configured Plug & Play



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