Industrial Gearmotor Specialist Sumitomo Drive Technologies Presents the New Hansen M5CT Industrial Gearbox for Wet Cooling Tower WCT and Air-Cooled Condenser ACC.

Chesapeake, 10/21/2020

The official market launch of the new Hansen M5CT industrial gearbox took place on October 12, 2020. With this right-angled industrial gearbox series, which was specially developed for cooling technology applications, Sumitomo is responding to the changing demands on the design of air-cooled condensers. The Hansen M5CT is a customer-requested and future-oriented development based on the experience of three existing product lines; Hansen P4, Hansen M4ACC, and Paramax SFC, and combines their proven performance into a single product.

The new Hansen gearbox is used in Wet Cooling Towers (WCT) and Air-Cooled Condensers (ACC). With over 20,000 installations completed, the gearbox specialists from Hansen Industrial Transmissions under the brand Sumitomo Drive Technologies are market leaders in the WCT/ACC field.

The need for this new development was mainly due to the design of the conventional air-cooled condensers. Until now, the so-called Forced Draft, in which the fan, driven downwards by a helical gear with a low-speed shaft, blows the air through the condenser roof, has been the classic design. The latest design is the air-cooled condenser of the so-called Induced Draft. In this design, a right-angle gearbox with a low-speed shaft upwards drives the fan (the arrangement is like the wet cooling tower.) The fan sucks the air through the condenser while the gearbox is in the "hot" area of the air condenser. The Hansen M5CT right-angle gearbox has been specially designed for this latest design and manufactured based on the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI.)

The Hansen M5CT is packed into a rigid housing design to withstand peak loads from heavy-duty applications. The housing is equipped with cooling fins, allowing high thermal ratings to be achieved. Additional options include additional fans or integrating other cooling systems for high-temperature environments. The basis of the Hansen M5CT is the Hansen P4 series of gearboxes with one of the highest torque densities for maximum load, minimum efficiency losses, low weight, and quiet operation. The balanced gear design and the special micro-geometry of the gearing ensure optimum tooth engagement and, therefore, withstand high shock loads--or example, when starting the fan.

Special sealing systems, "Oil Seal Hood" and "Oil Lock," significantly reduce maintenance work. The self-developed lubrication system is available without a pump or external piping and does not require any additional monitoring. An optional pump is also available, located above the gearbox feet so that the gearbox can be positioned on a simple base plate to allow for easy maintenance.

The materials and instruments are specially selected for corrosive and extremely humid environments. The standard paint used is according to ISO 12944-C5 corrosion category and offers high resistance for these heavy-duty applications. The inspection cover is mounted above the oil level and is therefore easily accessible without an oil drain. Additional instruments and accessory options are available, e.g., Sumitomo's DriveSmart Condition Monitoring device for temperature or vibration.

About Sumitomo Drive Technologies Under the umbrella brand Sumitomo Drive Technologies, Sumitomo Heavy Industries combines all companies, brands, and products of the Power Transmission & Controls Group worldwide. The brand stands for a global product portfolio of gearboxes, gearmotors, precision gearboxes, industrial gearboxes, and centrifugal drives of the most varied designs and for over 140 years of expertise. With the acquisition of the Belgian company Hansen Industrial Transmissions in 2011, the acquisition of the Italian motor manufacturer Lafert Group in 2018, and the acquisition of the Welsh motor control specialist Invertek Drives, the long-established Japanese group is continuously expanding its expertise as a manufacturer of complete drive train solutions. With 10 production facilities, over 30 assembly plants, 250 sales offices, and almost 7000 employees on five continents, the company has an extensive network to meet regional customer requirements.

Hansen Industrial Transmissions, headquartered in Belgium, has been part of the Sumitomo Drive Technologies umbrella brand since 2011 and is expanding it with almost 100 years of technological experience in the areas of heat treatment, cylinder, and bevel gear grinding, housing machining, assembly, testing, and services.

The new Hansen M5CT industrial gearbox is the logical continuation of this company development and is available immediately.


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