Sumitomo Partners with R.L. Matus & Associates in Motion Control

Sumitomo is excited to announce our partnership with R.L. Matus & Associates! Sumitomo has an extensive offering of high precision cycloidal and strain wave products. R.L. Matus & Associates is perfectly positioned to take these to market. R. L. Matus & Associates is a Manufacturers' Representative firm with over four decades of experience in the industrial automation arena. They cover the eight states of the southeastern US with nine professional Sales Engineers strategically located across their territory.

They support, both technically and commercially, five manufacturers of world-class industrial automation equipment and sell these products through a select, high-tech distribution network. These channel partners in turn fulfill the needs of local OEMs, systems integrators, and end-users. Their core competencies include motion control (both servo and variable frequency drives), precision linear and rotary actuation, digital indication and control, HMIs and other visualization products, industrial networking via Ethernet and cellular technologies, and IIoT software and hardware. 

CycloSmart for Industrial Gearboxes​                            Sumitomo Industrial Gearbox

“Sumitomo is an excellent addition to our portfolio of precision motion control products. Their cycloidal and strain wave gearing technologies allow us to address rotary applications requiring zero-backlash and precise positioning. With Sumitomo cycloidal gearing we can capture even more axes of motion on our customers’ machines. They are a perfect complement to our existing line of precision linear actuators and stages, allowing us the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive motion solution to our channel partners and customers.”  – Doug Hall, President of R.L. Matus & Associates


“Sumitomo is proud to add R.L. Matus & Associates to our growing Motion Control Division sales group.  The R. L. Matus team is impressive in terms of both experience and success in developing industrial automation accounts and markets.  We look forward to our long term relationship and growth.” – Steve Bogel, Sumitomo National Sales Manager Motion Control

About Sumitomo Drive Technologies

At Sumitomo Drive Technologies, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure that their industrial gearboxes, speed reducers, servo gearmotors and accessories remain operational for years to come. Many of our products have been in high-speed and harsh environments for years. Clients make the switch to Sumitomo to experience that durability and decrease the amount of unscheduled downtime and maintenance in their facility. We ensure that every unit we design or repair leaves our Unites States' facilities quickly to keep your application up and running. Please call us at 1.800.762.9256 or contact us by email to receive a quote for your facility or information about our industrial gearbox repair services. We will be glad to tell you more about our products and connect you to a representative in your area.


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