Product Support


Product Support

Sumitomo's Product Support is the repair division for Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA).  We return our gearboxes back to original design specifications with our highly qualified engineering and service technicians.  We promise our repair is of the highest standards and will not compromise on quality, service or value. For more information on any of the services listed below, please contact us and view our Product Support Brochure and our Special and Drop-In Replacement Unit Brochure.

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Repair Inquiry

Fill out a repair request and one of our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.

Let our highly skilled technicians give your Cyclo® 6000 a new lease on life with our Ready to Run restoration program.

Extended Repair Warranty

While each Sumitomo product has standard warranty coverage, our repair programs can enhance their long-term value and maximize their performance to better fit your needs. Extended warranty programs can be provided under consultation.

Local Support

Service available from all Sumitomo Drive Technologies facilities. Contact your closest facility or your sales representative to schedule a visit.

Genuine Parts

As a manufacturer, we offer original Sumitomo (or Seisa) parts and your gearboxes will be repaired at one of our factories.  To find a local facility, please click here.

Emergency Support

Service is provided in all US territories. To contact us via email click here. To speak to a representative immediately during normal business hours (M-F; 8am-5pm EST) please call 757-485-3355



Legacy Products

Have an old unit?  We specialize in all Sumitomo Brands, Paramax and Cyclo repairs, but we also repair Seisa, Ueda SKK, as well as Osaka Chain.


  Cyclo 6000 before repairs 
Cyclo 6000 after repairs