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Sumitomo's Aftermarket Team is the industrial gearbox repair division for Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA).  We return competitor and Sumitomo gearboxes back to original design specifications with our highly qualified engineering and service technicians.  We repair industrial gearboxes to their highest standards and will not compromise on quality, service, or value.




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Industrial Gearbox Warranty Services


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Your gearmotor or reducer will be repaired to the original factory like-new specifications with warranty using Sumitomo manufactured parts. Our US-based industrial gearbox repair team is the industry’s most versed gearbox problem solvers with centuries worth of experience. We provide both standard and custom services, for maximum industrial gearbox life. Trust Sumitomo with your small, medium, and industrial gearbox repair services.

Industrial Gearbox Repair

LUFTEX Gears--Acquired by SMA in 2019, this Texas-based facility has extensive resources to handle any industrial gearbox repair and restoration.