Emergency After-Hours Support

Sumitomo is here to assist your operations every day, even on weekends. With gearbox parts and components in stock at our various US facilities, relief for your emergency gearbox issues is just a call away.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can call us anytime at 1.800.762.9256


Sumitomo Emergency After-Hour Gearbox Support is available 365 days per year, including:

In-Person Assistance

Request for in-person assistance by a local Sumitomo representative.

Inquiry Assistance

Questions about gearbox maintenance, parts or other inquiries.

Parts Ordering

Ordering of additional gearbox parts or components.

Gearbox Replacement

Live support to get your replacement gearbox as soon as possible.

Gearbox Troubleshooting

Basic gearbox troubleshooting and support.

Available 24/7

Call our Emergency After-Hours team at 1.800.762.9256

Call us at 1.800.762.9256 for our expert gearbox support in the event of gearbox failure or breakdown. We can promptly assist with replacing or repairing Cyclo and Paramax parts, components, and any supporting accessories of your gearbox. If the gearbox needs replacing, we can do that too. Every hour of unplanned downtime is critical to your bottom line, and our goal is to return your facility to normal operations as soon as possible.