Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our products or services? Below are some of our most commonly asked question.

I have an application over 50hp that I want a direct drive for, do you have an option?

Yes, we have our Paramax which offers many ratios, right angle or offset parallel, many mounting options, many different output types, etc. Let us discuss further by contacting your Sumitomo rep!

I don’t like the turnbuckle torque arms and sometimes have reversing applications they don’t work well for, do you have another option?

Yes, we have 6 different torque arm options to make your installation easy.

What if I need to change the backstop rotation?

No problem, your Sumitomo rep can assist with that, we can instruct you how, or you can send it to us to do.

I have a problem with backstops failing regularly, can a Cyclo® BBB4 fix that problem?

The BBB has a different design when it comes to the backstop.

  • Our backstop is at the high-speed shaft achieving lift off easily and not creating drag and wear on the spragues
  • Our backstop being at the high-speed shaft sees the least amount of torque. The combination of the backstop ratings being higher, and seeing less torque, results in a long life
  • Our backstop is maintenance-free (no lubrication maintenance) and is sealed off from the reducer protecting the reducer from the backstop and the backstop from the reducer. There is no unified lubrication system between the two.
Can I adjust the speed with a direct drive like I can with a belt drive?

Not by changing a sheave size since that component is eliminated, but there are things to consider…

  • How often are you really changing the speed?
  • The flexibility of changing a sheave size also puts your system at risk. Are you overspeeding beyond the reducer's capabilities? Are you slowing down too much and causing the backstop spragues to drag and wear?

If you are utilizing a VFD, that can control your speed.

  • If you find out you truly need to change your speed, our BBB is the only direct drive on the market that has a Cyclo cartridge that could be changed to change your overall speed eliminating the need for a whole new reducer. Work with your Sumitomo rep to consider this.
My motor is a footed motor on my belt drive system, do I have to get a new motor for the direct drive?

No, you can order a c-face transition kit from your motor manufacturer and turn a footed motor into a c-face motor very easily. We have other options we can provide if you absolutely can not replace or change your motor to a c-facemotor.

My belts are my weak spot, what is the weak spot in a direct drive?

Our BBB (for typically 50hp and under depending on ratio) is designed for momentary high shock load – higher than any direct drive in the industry through utilizing our Cyclo technology. Another safeguard that can be put in place include the following:

  • BBB’s are designed and sized where the motor would amp out before any damage would be done to the reducer
  • Can adjust the motor heater for additional safety measures if desired
  • A torque limiting or shear coupling could be used within the c-face adaptor as an additional safety measure if desired
I don’t have a very long shaft, can I still replace a belt drive with a direct drive?

Yes, if our standard Taper Grip Bushing requires more shaft than you have, we have a new Taper Grip Bushing option that needs an average of ½ the shaft length. When we size up the reducer you need, we can tell you how much shaft length you need for both options.

What should be some features or upgrades I should consider for the Aggregate, Sand and Cement industries?

Taconite Seals, Severe Duty or Desiccant Breather

There are many accessories for use with the Helical Shaft Mount (HSM). Our patented Taper Grip Bushing is well suited for any application. A motor mount, backstop, torque arm, ABS belt guard, belts, breathers, sheaves and harsh duty seals are all accessor

Do you supply a torque arm? At what position should it be mounted? A torque arm assembly is offered as an option. The standard torque arm assembly and standard mounting positions are shown in the Appendix of our catalog.

Have Questions Still?

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