Elastic Cyclo - ECY

Shaft gear units with high rigidity for use in the smallest installation spaces

High precision shaft gear with output flange and high rigidity

The new E CYCLO series features high rigidity due to its internal roller bearings. This is significantly higher when compared to the competition. Therefore, the E CYCLO can achieve higher performance in a smaller design envelope and thus lower costs.

  • High Rigidity
  • Lost Motion 1.0 arcmin
  • Transmission error 0.75 arcmin
  • Maximum drive speed up to 8500 rpm
  • Permissible torques up to 284 Nm
  • Radial loads up to 2050 N
  • Axial loads up to 3000 N
  • Completely sealed including cross roller main bearing

Key Product Facts

157 Nm
Acceleration Torque
170 RPM
Output Speed

Advantages of the Fine Cyclo E Cyclo Series

Smooth running spikeless gear
Smallest installation space
Ø 74mm – Ø 95mm
Torsional Stiffness
up to 15.9 Nm/arcmin