Sumitomo Drive Technologies Adds Clamp Ring to Servo Hyponic Design

clamp ring

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is pleased to announce a significant design update to our Servo Hyponic clamp ring. This right-angle hypoid servo gearbox features a compact, modular housing, maintenance-free grease lubrication, and boasts a gear efficiency of up to 93% across all ratios. It is available with various options, including grease lubrication, antibacterial coating, waterproofing, and low-temperature requirements. 

This enhancement is a direct response to customer feedback and incorporates the latest advancements in engineering to deliver improved performance and reliability. The updated design ensures that our customers can continue to rely on the Servo Hyponic Gearbox for their critical applications with even greater confidence and efficiency.

Benefits of the New Design

Clamp Ring Input
This new design replaces the existing keyed hollow bore, making motor attachment significantly easier.
All Parts Included
Everything you need for connection is included in the box.
Easier Installation and Removal
The clamp ring design allows for quicker and more effortless motor attachment.
Backwards Compatibility
No need to change or replace your existing motors! The clamp ring design with both keyed and keyless shafts (simply remove the key and align the motor shaft keyway with the clamp ring opening)
Improved Performance
The clamp ring connection improves transmissible torque and eliminates any backlash between the motor and the gearbox - ideal for cyclical applications.
Increased Reliability
By eliminating the key connection as a potential weak point, the clamp ring design enhances overall reliability and unit-to-unit consistency.


  • Pricing Remains the Same: Upgrade your experience without breaking the bank!
  • Verify Reorders: The older keyed style is no longer available for reorder. Please verify the design with your application.
    • Just like the other Advanced part numbers, an SV in the suffix and a motor code at the end of the part number are required for all orders.

How to Configure the New Design

Servo Gearbox design is simple with our Product catalog or our online Product Configurator. This tool streamlines the selection process, enabling you to build the best motion control product for your specific application.

Servo Hyponic Part Number breakdown

The design update of the Servo Hyponic clamp ring by Sumitomo Drive Technologies represents a significant advancement in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in power transmission solutions. By integrating customer feedback and leveraging cutting-edge engineering, we continue to provide our clients with superior, reliable, and efficient products. For more information about the updated Servo Hyponic clamp ring and other groundbreaking solutions, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies remains dedicated to driving the future of industrial efficiency and performance.