servo hyponic

Servo Hyponic®

Optimized For All Servo Motors in the Market

This right angle hypoid servo gearbox features a compact, modular housing, maintenance-free grease lubrication and boasts a gear efficiency of up to 93% across all ratios. It is available with various options, including grease lubrication, antibacterial coating, waterproofing, and low-temperature requirements. 

  • Maintenance-free grease lubrication eliminates oil changes  
  • Up to 3,600 RPM Input Speed   
  • Up to 13,100 N•m (1,480 lb•in) in Torque 
  • Ratio Range from 5:1 up to 1,440:1
  • Clamp Ring Input

What Makes our Right Angle Hypoid Servo Gearbox Different?

The Servo Hyponic is a maintenance-free, high-efficiency right angle hypoid gearbox designed for motion control applications. Available in 12 sizes with reduction ratios from 5:1 to 1440:1, it supports various mounting styles and shaft configurations. The product is suitable for diverse industry applications, offering options like antibacterial coating and waterproofing for specific requirements.

hyponic servo
  1. Seals
  2. Housing
  3. All-steel Hypoid Gearing

Available Mounting Options

  1. Foot Mount
  2. Flange
servo hyponic mounting

Available Input & Output Options

  1. Plug-In Shaft
  2. Shrink Disc
  3. Keyed Hollow Bore
servo hyponic input output

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More About Right Angle Hypoid Servo Gearboxes

Right angle hypoid servo gearboxes are precision mechanical devices designed to transmit power and motion between axes at right angles (90 degrees) efficiently and with high accuracy. They are an essential component in various industrial and robotic applications where precise control and movement are critical.

Advantages of Right Angle Hypoid Servo Gearboxes

High Efficiency
Hypoid gears have a higher efficiency compared to worm gears, especially at higher ratios.
Compact Design
The offset design allows for compact gearboxes, saving space in the system design.
High Torque Capacity:
They can transmit higher levels of torque compared to other gear types of similar size
Low Noise and Vibration
Smooth operation with lower noise levels is ideal for noise-sensitive applications
Clamp Ring Input
This allows for easy motor installation and increased torque transfer.
Custom Motor Adapter
Each Servo Hyponic includes a motor adapter specifically for your servo motor.
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