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Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Unveils New Line of Servo Gearboxes

​CHESAPEAKE, VA - JULY 28, 2023 - Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), operating under the trusted brand name Sumitomo Drive Technologies and a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative line of Servo Gearboxes. These new additions to the product portfolio encompass the Servo Cyclo®, Servo Hyponic®, and Servo Bevel BuddyBox® 4. 

​This launch marks a milestone in the company's ongoing commitment to providing customers with the broadest range of reliable, high-quality power transmission products. These servo gearboxes are the perfect blend of long-standing experience, cutting-edge innovation, and the highest reliability. 

​"We are thrilled to introduce our Advanced line of servo gearboxes. They are a true testament to our pursuit of excellence and innovation for the automation needs of our customers." said Eric Schoonover, Motion Control Manager at SMA. "We are combining our decades of robotic and motion control experience with our trusted and robust power transmission products to produce servo-ready industrial gearboxes." 

servo cyclo

Servo Cyclo® Gearbox

Power Meets Precision, Every Revolution

Servo Hyponic

Servo Hyponic® Gearbox

Quiet Strength, Compact Efficiency

Servo Bevel BuddyBox® 4 Gearbox

Maximizing Torque, Optimizing Control.

​Sumitomo Drive Technologies strives to satisfy its customers' evolving needs without compromising reliability. By aggressively investing in research and development, Sumitomo Drive Technologies ensures its products remain at the forefront of the power transmission industry. 

​For more information about these products or the company, please contact Brittany Mitchell, International Marketing Manager, at 757-485-3355, or visit the Sumitomo Drive Technologies website at us.sumitomodrive.com. 



​About Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America 

​Sumitomo Machinery Corp of America, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, is a leading force in the power transmission industry. Known for its decades of expertise and innovation, the company provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge power transmission and motion control gearing, including Cyclo, BuddyBox, Hyponic, and Paramax products. 


​Press Contact: 

  • ​Brittany M. Mitchell 
  • ​International Marketing Manager 
  • ​757-485-3355 
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