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There are many accessories for use with the Helical Shaft Mount (HSM). Our patented Taper Grip Bushing is well suited for any application. A motor mount, backstop, torque arm, ABS belt guard, belts, breathers, sheaves and harsh duty seals are all accessories that work well with the HSM for any application. Also available are screw conveyor shafts, screw conveyor adaptor kits and screw conveyor seal kits. 

Do you supply a torque arm? At what position should it be mounted? A torque arm assembly is offered as an option. The standard torque arm assembly and standard mounting positions are shown in the Appendix of our catalog.

The mounting positions for the Cyclo® BBB4 detail the position of the unit relative to the driven shaft. The mounting position effects how the unit is assembled and maintained (i.e., location of oil fill ports, type of lubrication, breather location, etc.). You must specify the mounting position at the time of order.

The P4 Single Stage gear units have been designed with an enlarged housing and an increased shaft height. The vast cooling surface raises the thermal rating and the larger oil sump assures a longer oil life. In combination with the service cover, a cooling coil can be fitted, without having to disassemble the complete gear unit.

The increased shaft height also results in the input shaft being better positioned versus the shaft height of the electric motor.

As such, motor and gear unit will be equally affected by thermal expansion and the static alignment is not disturbed during operation.

The Cyclo® speed reducer, by virtue of its smooth, almost frictionless operation (unlike traditional helical gears), has a thermal rating that far exceeds its mechanical capacity and all but eliminates the conventional limitations due to heat.

The standard ratings for Cyclo® BBB4 are based on 10-hour daily service under conditions of uniform loads (equivalent to AGMA service factor 1.0). By following the product selection process outlined in our catalog, you will determine and apply the Service Factors to compensate for the severe operating conditions.

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