Optidrive E3 AC Variable Frequency Drive

High performance variable frequency drive for both induction and permanent magnet motors.

Focused on ease of use, Optidrive E3 provides unrivaled simplicity of installation, connection, and commissioning, allowing the user to benefit from the precise motor control within minutes.

Sensorless Vector Control for all Motor Types

Precise and reliable control for standard, premium, and super-premium efficiency motors.

  • Induction Motors (IM)
  • Permanent Magnet Motors (PM)
  • Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)
  • Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRM)
Power Range 0.37 – 37kW  /  0.5 – 50 HP
Input Power Options

1110V, 230V (1 or 3 phase), 480V

Enclosure Options

IP20: up to 30HP/22kW

IP66 Outdoor: up to 30HP/22kW; switched or non-switched


Compact, robust and reliable general-purpose drive.

Simply power on and Optidrive E3 is up and running, providing precise motor control and energy savings using the factory settings.

    Easy-to-Use General Purpose Drive

    With just 14 basic parameters and application macro functions providing rapid set up, Optidrive E3 minimizes start-up time.
    IntuitiveKeypad Control
    Precise digital control at the touch of a button.
    Switch between Industrial, Pump & Fan modes to optimize Optidrive E3 for your application. Industrial | Pump | Fan

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Option for Control of Single Phase Motors

    Operates up to 50°C

    Internal Category C1 EMC filter

    Internal Brake Chopper

    Internal PI Control

    ModBus & CAN Onboard as Standard

    Dual Analogue Inputs

    OptiTools Studio

    Powerful PC Software

    • Powerful PC based commissioning and programming software
    • Multi Drive Network Support


    Supports Two Key Functions

    • Drive Programming & Commissioning
      • Parameter Upload, Download & Storage
      • Changed Parameter Highlighting
      • Parameter List Printing
    • Provides Access to Optidrive PLC programming function
      • Function Blocked Based PLC Logic Programming
      • Advanced Drive Control Functions
      • Multiple Functions can be easily combined to produce powerful solutions
      • Program protection to prevent unauthorized copying

    OptiStick Smart

    Rapid Commissioning Tool

    • Allows copying, backup and restore of drive parameters
    • Provides Bluetooth interface to a PC running OptiTools Studio or the OptiTools Mobile app on a smartphone
    • Onboard NFC (Near Field Communication) for rapid data transfer

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