Optidrive P2 Variable Frequency Drive

High performance variable frequency drive drive for both induction and permanent magnet motors.

  • The all-new Optidrive P2 provides world-leading control for both induction and permanent magnet motors.
  • Open-loop vector control of standard induction motors provides up to 200% torque from zero speed.
  • Closed-loop encoder feedback capability for standard induction motors.
  • Open and closed-loop control of the latest generation of high-efficiency PM motors.
Power Range 1-350HP/0.75-250kW
Input Power Options

Single-Phase: 200-240V

Three Phase: 200-600V

Enclosure Options

IP20: Sizes 2-3; up to 15HP/11kW, Size 8; up to 300HP/250kW

IP55: Sizes 4-7; up to 200HP/160kW

IP66: Sizes 2-3; up to 10HP/7.5kW; switched or non-switched


World Leading Motor Control

High-performance variable frequency drive for both induction and permanent magnet motors.

Key Facts & Features

overload for 60 seconds
Typical Efficiency
Up to 200%
Torque from zero speed.

Certified Safe Torque Off (STO)

Low ambient operation (-10°C)

Integrated EMC Filter

Simple PLC functionality

Sensorless Vector Control

Up to 200% torque from zero speed ensures reliable starting and accurate speed control under all load conditions.

Integrated Keypad & Display

PM Motor Control

Future proof. Allows upgrade to the latest generation of high-efficiency permanent magnet motors.

Keyhole Mounts for fast installation

Integral Brake Transistor

Saves space, cost, and time for installation.

Pluggable Control Terminals

Dedicated hoist mode

OptiTools Studio

Powerful PC Software

  • Powerful PC based commissioning and programming software
  • Multi Drive Network Support


Supports Two Key Functions

  • Drive Programming & Commissioning
    • Parameter Upload, Download & Storage
    • Changed Parameter Highlighting
    • Parameter List Printing
  • Provides Access to Optidrive PLC programming function
    • Function Blocked Based PLC Logic Programming
    • Advanced Drive Control Functions
    • Multiple Functions can be easily combined to produce powerful solutions
    • Program protection to prevent unauthorized copying

OptiStick Smart

Rapid Commissioning Tool

  • Allows copying, backup and restore of drive parameters
  • Provides Bluetooth interface to a PC running OptiTools Studio or the OptiTools Mobile app on a smartphone
  • Onboard NFC (Near Field Communication) for rapid data transfer