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IB Series Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes

Sumitomo’s low backlash planetary gear reducers are precision units with backlash between 3 and 15 arcmin. These incredibly compact and quiet reducers have a large torque range and can allow maximum input speeds up to 6000 rpm.

Large diameter precision angular contact ball bearings supporting the output shaft allow large radial loads. All units are filled with grease at the time of shipping, resulting in being lubricated for life, and are therefore maintenance-free.

For quick installation, the IB series are ready for immediate attachment to servo motors via clamp ring design. 

IB PRECISION planetary gearheads are ideal for your demanding servomotor applications and are designed for:

  • Low backlash with optimum positioning
  • Maximum mounting flexibility
  • Ease of installation


Planetary Reducers

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