"Ultra-Reliable" Cyclo Drives Dynamic Conveyors

For more than 20 years, Dynamic Conveyor Corporation(http://www.dynamicconveyer.com) has been a source of innovative custom conveyor systems for various industries. Dynamic Conveyor provides custom lightweight, modular alternatives as compared to traditional conveyor systems that require custom fabrication and cannot be modified without great expense.

Dynamic Conveyor’s modular conveyor system is the only system that offers sustainability by allowing reconfiguartion at the customer's location whenever change is needed. These modules can be configured and reconfigured to assume any conveyor position required. As a result of the unique design options, Dynamic Conveyor customized conveyors require motors that can handle a wide array of stress and shock loads. Sumitomo Drive Technologies supplies AC motors and Cyclo® 6000 for these conveyor applications.

Paul Kuharevicz, R & D Manager of Dynamic Conveyor, said, “As the length of our conveyors become longer and longer, a need has arose for a higher horsepower motor that is ultra-reliable.” In order for Dynamic Conveyor to be portrayed as manufacturing the best quality conveyor, the company needed the most reliable motor available driving its conveyor lines. Originally, Dynamic Conveyor chose Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 due to size and reliability of its products, but the company realized that cost and quick delivery were added benefits of doing business with Sumitomo.

Displaying his pleasure regarding the reliability of the Cyclo 6000, Kuharevicz said, “We have had zero failures with the Sumitomo motors since we began using them five years ago.” Designed for extraordinarily long life, the Cyclo provided the foundation for Sumitomo as true innovators of high quality power transmission solutions with unsurpassed reliability.

Through the years, customers like Dynamic Conveyor have become loyal to the Sumitomo Cyclo. Mr. Kuharevicz continued, “For Dynamic Conveyor systems that require higher horsepower, Sumitomo motors are the default motor choice. Reliability! Reliability! Reliability!” Sumitomo Cyclo Drive's unique epicyclodial design enables speed reducers and gearmotors to withstand high-tension shock loads and offer exceptional performance, reliability and long life in the most severe application.

The Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 series gearmotors are available from 1/10 to 235HP and ratios from 3:1 to 658,503:1. The gearmotors are maintenance free, lightweight, compact and very rugged with a two-year warranty guaranteeing exceptional performance.




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