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Gearboxes Aren't Corny

October 15, 2019

Every October 31st, bags of triangle-shaped, orange, yellow, and white candies fill the sacks of young trick-or-treaters nationwide. Believe it or not, you can find gearboxes throughout t...


Meet our Summer 2019 Interns!

August 23, 2019

Ahhh...Remember your first internship? What did you do? File papers? Busy work? That's not how we do internships here at Sumitomo. Meet Lindsay and Henry, our Summer 2019 Interns.


Gearmotors + You. Best Buddies 4Ever

July 30, 2019

A best buddy is your confidante, your ride or die, your soulmate. Your life would not be the same if they weren’t in it. Need a Buddy in your life? We have a few just for your industry—me...


Tomorrow's Workforce

February 4, 2019

Over the next ten years, the Power Transmission Industry (PT) will begin experiencing Human Resources challenges, due to a combination of an aging workforce and a lack of adequate talent ...


Speed Reducers: The Unsung Heroes

January 28, 2019

Speed reducers are the under-appreciated workhorse of many industrial machines or processes. They live in the shadows, doing the dirty work motors either can’t do on their own, or aren’t...


Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd acquires Lafert Group

January 23, 2019

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd and it´s division Power Transmission and control announces the acquisition of Lafert Group, European leader in the design and production of electric motors a...


Fortress Stainless Steel Reducer Launch

August 6, 2018

Sumitomo is pleased to announce the launch of our first Stainless Steel speed reducer, Fortress.  After considerable research and development, we are now introducing a right angle stainle...


SMA Opens GB Center of Excellence in Verona, VA

May 17, 2018

On May 17th, 2018, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America officially opened the doors on its newly constructed Gearbox (GB) Center of Excellence located in Verona, VA. This facility re...


SMA Announces their $10 Million Expansion

January 18, 2018

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA) will invest $10 million to expand its manufacturing operation in the City of Chesapeake. The company will add 100,000 square feet to its No...


Interview with CEO—James Solomon

December 19, 2017

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), part of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, announced James D. Solomon as the corporation's next President & Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Sol...


Sandeep Thube - Certified Vibration Analyst

December 14, 2017

Vibration analysis has always been an important monitoring measure in the field of Predictive Maintenance of rotating machinery. No other measure can tell the story of a gearbox as much a...


SMA 2017 Foodbank Donation

November 21, 2016

Founded in 1981, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore ensures that our communities' members receive healthy meals. The Foodbank serves thousands of meals to indivi...


SMA Gears Up for Manufacturing Day

September 20, 2016

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Gears Up for Manufacturing Day  Throughout September and October, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), prepares to celebrate Manufac...


SMA Selects James D. Solomon, as CEO

July 8, 2016

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America, part of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, announced James D. Solomon as the corporation's next President & Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Solomon, ...



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