IB Series PK1 Type

Low backlash, low torque right angle precision gearbox

Precision right angle planetary line for miscellaneous automation applications in the lower torque range.

  • High torque density unit with angular ball bearings for high load capacity
  • Adaptable servo motor connection
  • Simple motor assembly with clamp ring connection
  • Maintenance free for life


  • <6 arcmin Backlash, precise version
  • <15 arcmin Backlash, standard version

Output Shaft Variants:

  • Flange
  • Solid Shaft
  • Keyway

Key Product Facts

380 Nm
Acceleration Torque
6000 rpm
Input Speed
4500 N
Radial Load

Advantages of IB Series PK1 Type

Maintenance free for life
Wide range of ratios available
6:1 up to 243:1
Right angle prestage to limit installation space

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IB Series P2 Type

Low backlash, high torque precision gearbox

Allowable peak torque
900 Nm - 3000 Nm
7966 in-lbs - 26552 in-lbs
Ratio range
4:1 - 100:1
<3 arcmin Lost Motion
Shaft configuration
IB Series - P1 Type
IB Series P1 Type

Low backlash, low torque precision gearbox

Allowable peak torque
35 Nm - 380 Nm
310 in-lbs - 3363 in-lbs
Ratio range
3.7:1 - 81:1
<3 arcmin / <15 arcmin
Shaft configuration