HEDCON® Worm Drive & Reducer

High-efficiency, high-strength double-enveloping worm reducer

  • Low friction coefficient on the gearing for high efficiency.
  • Powered by long-lasting worm gears.
  • Minimum speed fluctuation with low noise and low vibration.
  • Lightweight and compact Worm drive relative to its high load capacity.
726,646 lb-in
Maximum Rated Torque
11 sizes
Long life
Powered by long-lasting worm gears

Product Features

High Load Capacity
The hourglass worm gear allows the entire tooth surface on the worm to engage effectively against a larger area of the wheel gear, resulting in greater load capacity.
High Efficiency
This worm drive is highly efficient resulting from the large angle between the line of contact and the sliding direction. As such, a lubricant film is easily formed on the tooth surface, resulting in a small friction coefficient on the gearing.
Long Life
The wheel is manufactured of high quality carburized steel material and special phosphor-bronze casting to provide high wear and seizure resistance, resulting in long product life.
Low Noise / Low Vibration / Minimum Speed Fluctuation
With more gear teeth in mesh, as well as a precise tooth profile, quiet operation is achieved while attaining less speed fluctuation.
Compact and Lightweight
High-rated value and compact worm gear design relative to its high load capacity.
Self-Locking Feature
When the reduction ratio surpasses 50, safety is ensured through our self-locking feature, in combination with the motor brake.
Precision Level (Low Backlash)
Can be manufactured to low backlash specifications.
Direct Connection to Cyclo Reducer
Higher reduction ratios can be manufactured with our Cyclo® Reducer connected directly at the input stage.