Fall in love with Dr. CycloSmart for your Industrial Gearboxes.

February--It is the month of love! Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14th, is when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. As you begin to buy your chocolates and flowers for your loved one, don't forget to find that special something for your industrial gearboxes. Swipe left for Dr. CycloSmart. He hates broken gears almost as much as he hates unwanted downtime. The Doc hasn't lost a patient yet, and he is a master at avoiding catastrophic failures.  

Dr Cyclo Smart

He doesn't like to brag about why he should be a part of your industrial gearbox’s life, but who doesn't love a man that's good at just about everything? Here are three reasons to double-tap the Doc's profile.


1) Dr. CycloSmart is intelligent and easygoing.  

His name isn't Doctor CycloSmart for nothing.  

Through his unique and simple interface, the Doc offers a departure from typical vibration monitoring. He's intelligent, self-learning, and flexible. He'll adapt to the application and identify any deviation from regular operations. Our Cyclo gearmotors rarely fail; however, Dr. CycloSmart offers the only predictive maintenance equipment explicitly designed with Cyclo® in mind. Additionally, he provides real-time diagnostics and alerts on any conventional gearbox to help prevent catastrophic failures.   


2) Dr. CycloSmart is caring and reliable.  

Who doesn't like a guy that checks on you all the time?  

He works hard to keep you informed. Talk about being in tune with his feelings. With a vibration and temperature sensor, he works to assist industrial gearboxes' uptime, enabling his beau to schedule convenient maintenance.  


Here are his favorite ways to show his love for that special one he's attached to. 

  • His vibration sensor – The vibration sensor is a MEMS type sensor that comes with a 3m length of cable with a field wireable connector to allow for easy installation in the area.  

  • His temperature sensor – The temperature RTD is used for constant temperature monitoring of any component. It delivers a 4-20ma signal that is recorded for future reference allows for 2 alarm levels per temperature channel.     


3) The Doc is friendly and gets along with your family.  

Dr. Cyclo Smart will give your facility family a hand.  

More extensive facilities can have hundreds, if not thousands, of industrial gearboxes in operation. Sometime's there are not enough maintenance technicians to perform suggested maintenance. Companies often decide to refrain from performing any maintenance to the equipment to save on cost and time. The cost savings are only short-term. Without proper upkeep, an industrial gearbox can prematurely fail. Dr. CycloSmart jumps at any opportunity to help and advise when the maintenance is needed to avoid costly downtime.   


Like the Doc's profile? Then your industrial gearbox might be a good fit! He's not picky, but he does have a type.  



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