Cyclo® Bevel Buddybox® 4 Series Gearmotor

Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gearmotors with Cyclo® Input

Robust, state-of-the-art, spiral bevel gearmotors. 

  • All-Steel Internal Components
  • Highly Efficient
  • Standard Ductile Iron Housing
  • Integrated Cycloidal Technology
  • Maintenance Free Options Available



Cyclo® BBB4

The Cyclo® BBB4 combines the strength and flexibility of the Cyclo® gear reducer and a single stage right angle spiral bevel gearbox in a rugged right-angle gearbox design. With a 24-month warranty, regardless of hours of operation, the Cyclo® BBB4 is an excellent choice for applications in material handling, asphalt mixers, specialty machine industries, conveyors, and other applications requiring right angle speed reducers.

Key Facts

94 %
159,983 lb-in
Torque Capacity
1/8-75 HP
Integral Motor Offering


Taper Grip® Bushing System
The keyless Taper-Grip® bushing system provides simple and reliable installation without the need for a custom shaft.
Ductile Iron Housing
New ductile iron housing is twice as strong as cast iron, making it one of the most rugged bevel gearboxes available
Increased Overhung Load Capacity
Cyclo® BBB4 has over 375% overhung load capacity than previous models
Increased Ratings
The newly designed Cyclo® BBB4 series has been optimized for increased power ratings over the previous generations
New Larger Size
New F Size yields higher torque and can accommodate larger shaft diameters
New Ratios Available
46 standard and 87 optional ratios added
Unified Lubrication System
Single oil-bath lubrication system for easy maintenance and higher performance.
Compact Design
The most torque-dense right angle gearbox design available in the industry. The new ductile iron housing allows for higher radial load in a small, compact design.
Optional Taconite Seal System
Heavy-duty, fortified, grease purgeable system withstands the most demanding applications.

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