Bevel Buddybox® H-Series Gearmotor

Compact right angle shaft gearmotor with a low reduction ratio and keyed hollow bore

  • High speed operation at 3600 rpm input speed is possible, helping to accelerate your machines.
  • Designed for a compact and highly efficient gearmotor solution
3600 rpm
Max. input speed
Low Ratios
For faster speeds
120 Hz
Possible to operate at input speeds up to 3600 rpm
High Efficiency Bevel Gear + Helical Gear
Engineered specifically for low ratios, resulting in high efficiency.
Compact Case
The case is made specifically for the hollow shaft, making it more compact than a general-purpose gearmotor.
High Speed Operation
Input speeds up to 3600rpm (120Hz).
Lubrication Using a Long-Lasting Grease
Universal mounting and a nearly maintenance-free operation.

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