Servo Bevel BuddyBox

Maximizing Torque, Optimizing Control.

The Cyclo BBB4 Servo Gearbox is a right angle servo gearbox with a unique combination of features that result in a highly reliable, efficient, and durable gearbox. The all-steel internal construction, Cyclo® or planetary gear inputs and the ductile iron housing, provide unmatched ruggedness.  

  • 100% Hardened Steel Components  
  • Oversized, single-piece pinion provides 300% momentary shock-load.  
  • Up to 4,000 RPM Input Speed  
  • Up to 159,983 N•m (18,076 lb•in) IN Torque 
  • Ratio Range 11:1 up to 26,000:1 and greater 

What Makes the BBB4 Right Angle Servo Gearbox Different?

Cyclo BBB4 Right Angle Servo Gearboxes are designed to offer high precision and efficiency, with minimal backlash and high torque capacity--which is essential for applications requiring precise positioning and motion control. 

It is compatible with NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, and CE motor standards, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications. 

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More About Right Angle Servo Gearboxes

Right Angle Spiral Bevel Servo Gearboxes use spiral bevel gears to transmit power at a 90-degree angle with enhanced efficiency and precision. These gearboxes are designed for applications requiring accurate torque transmission and high-speed capabilities in compact spaces. The spiral bevel gears offer smoother operation and lower noise compared to straight bevel gears, making them suitable for high-precision industries like robotics, aerospace, and automation. Their design ensures reliable performance and longevity, even in demanding operational conditions.

bbb4 servo explode
  1. Seals
  2. Ductile Iron Housing
  3. Cyclo Disc

Available Mounting Options

  1. Flange
  2. Foot
  3. U-Face
servo bbb4 mounting

Available Input & Output Options

  1. Taper-Grip Bushing
  2. Shrink Disc
  3. Solid Shaft
  4. Clamp Ring
  5. Key Hollow Bore
servo bbb4 inputs outputs

Advantages of Right-Angle Spiral Bevel Servo Gearboxes

Precision and Efficiency
Ensures accurate power transmission at a 90-degree angle, ideal for complex mechanical setups.
Smooth and Quiet Operation:
Spiral bevel gears reduce noise and vibration, enhancing overall system smoothness.
Higher Torque Capacity
Can handle more torque, offering improved performance and durability.
Compact Design
Maximizes space efficiency, crucial for applications with limited space.
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Read about the advantages of industrial gearboxes in servo systems, and why they are the choice to enhance automation processes. 

9 Warning Signs of Servo Gearmotor Failure

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What makes a right-angle servo gearbox different than other servo gearboxes?

Space Efficiency: One of the most significant advantages of right-angle servo gearboxes is their ability to fit into tight spaces where other gearboxes might not. The 90-degree angle between the input and output shafts allows for more versatile mounting options and efficient use of space, particularly important in compact machinery designs and when retrofitting equipment.  

Direct 90-Degree Power Transmission: In applications that require the direction of the drive to be changed by 90 degrees, a right-angle gearbox does this inherently without needing additional components or complex configurations. This direct approach reduces the potential for efficiency losses and mechanical issues that might arise from more complicated setups. 

High Precision and Low Backlash: Many right-angle servo gearboxes are designed to offer high precision and low backlash, which is crucial for applications requiring accurate positioning and control, such as in robotics, CNC machinery, and automation systems. 

Ease of Integration with Servo Motors: Right-angle servo gearboxes are specifically designed to work seamlessly with servo motors, providing a straightforward solution for integrating motion control systems. This ease of integration simplifies the design and implementation process for engineers and designers. 

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