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Cyclo Inline Servo Gearbox

Power Meets Precision, Every Revolution

  • Explore the precision and efficiency of Sumitomo Cyclo Inline Servo Gearboxes. Designed for seamless integration and optimal performance in demanding applications, our gearboxes offer unmatched durability and control.   

  • This Inline Servo Gearmotor is available with Standard Backlash or Low Backlash 

  • 500% Momentary Shockload  

  • Up to 4,000 RPM Input Speed  

  • Up to 603,000 N•m(68,130 lb•in) IN Torque 

  • Ratio Range from 6:1 up to 658,503:1   


What Makes the Cyclo Inline Servo Gearbox Different?

Sumitomo’s Cyclo® technology coupled with innovative product options and accessories offer the most extensive range of application solutions available. 

servo cyclo explode
  1. Seals
  2. Housing
  3. Cyclo Disc

Available Mounting Options

  1. "H" Foot
  2. V-Flange
  3. F-Flange
servo cyclo mounting

Available Input Options

  1. Clamp Ring
  2. Key Hollow Bore
servo cyclo inputs

With Cyclo Technology Built In, The Options Are Endless

500% Momentary Shockload

The Cyclo® design in this inline servo gearbox spreads the load across 2/3 of the reduction components, enabling the units to absorb and dissipate shocks better than typical concentric servo drives.

More About Inline Servo Gearboxes

Inline cycloidal servo gearboxes are a specialized type of gearbox known for their high precision, robustness, and distinctive mechanism of action, which differentiates them from other gearbox types. Their design is based on the principles of cycloidal motion, offering unique advantages in certain applications. 

Inline servo gearboxes enhance system performance by seamlessly integrating with servo motors, ensuring reliable and precise operation in various demanding environments. 

Advantages of Inline Cycloidal Servo Gearboxes

High Precision and Low Backlash
They offer extremely high precision and minimal backlash, making them ideal for applications requiring precise positioning and control.
High Torque Density
Thanks to their design, cycloidal gearboxes can handle higher torques in a smaller package compared to other types of gearboxes.
Durability and Longevity
The contact points in a cycloidal gearbox distribute stress more evenly across the gearbox, leading to less wear and tear and a longer operational life.
Overload Protection
The inherent design of cycloidal gearboxes provides excellent resistance to overload, further enhancing their durability.

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What makes an inline servo gearbox different than other servo gearboxes?

Inline servo gearboxes distinguish themselves from other types of servo gearboxes (hyperlink servo gb to pillar page) primarily through their configuration and alignment with the motor. Here are the key differences that set inline servo gearboxes apart:


Inline Design: The most distinctive feature of inline servo gearboxes is their design, which places the output shaft in direct line with the motor shaft. This configuration results in a more compact and efficient setup, as the gearbox can directly transmit power without additional components or angular conversions. 

Space Efficiency

Compact Footprint: Due to their straight-line configuration, inline servo gearboxes occupy less space. This makes them particularly suitable for applications with limited space or where a streamlined assembly is crucial. 

Torque Transmission

Direct Torque Transmission: An inline servo gearbox efficiently transmits torque from the motor to the driven component without the losses that might occur in setups where the gearbox and motor are not aligned. This direct transmission ensures minimal mechanical losses and maximizes efficiency. 

Integration Ease

Ease of Integration: Inline servo gearboxes can be more straightforward to integrate with various motors and machinery due to their linear design. This ease of integration simplifies the engineering process for systems requiring high precision and alignment. 

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