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Ports and Crane

Whether moving containers or small gearboxes, Sumitomo Drive Technologies offers solutions for cranes large and small.  With safety and productivity paramount, Sumitomo's hoist, trolley, and travel drives will maintain your cranes reliability and efficiency.


Ports and Cranes

Reliability and safety are one of the key requirements of any equipment installed in the Ports and Crane Industry. From the main hoist to the gantry drives, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has specifically-designed solutions for all power transmission needs. Our gear reducer are reliable, safe, and enhance productivity for minimized operational downtime. Take the Sumitomo challenge and test us on your most challenging application. 

Manufacturing facilities worldwide
Providing power transmission solutions in the market
Interchangeable and customization reducers, according to your needs

Products for Ports and Cranes


"Paramax® drives match our own demands for durability and reliability in a product…Sales engineers work closely with our designers to come up with precisely the drive we need for a given application. When you take on the responsibility of lifting and moving heavy loads – up to 250 tons – you want every component in the system to do the job it was intended to do; smoothly and reliably and, above all, safely. Sumitomo Paramax® drives have proven extremely reliable in every one of the cranes for which it was specified."

Ashland, VA

"I like the balance of the gearmotor using the 'F' mounting for installation. This mounting provides a lot of security when mounting"

Lexington, KY

Ashland, VA

Lexington, KY