HBB renders with iE3 motors
HBB renders with iE3 motors
HBB renders with iE3 motors
HBB renders with iE3 motors

Cyclo® Helical Buddybox Reducer

Helical gearbox with Cyclo reducer input. Features keyless, Steel Taper-Grip® bushing for easy installation.

Offset parallel, helical gearbox in a rugged integral, shaft-mounted design.

  • Integrated Cyclo® technology
  • Keyless Taper-Grip® Bushing or Keyed Hollow Bore
  • Ideal for Screw-Conveyor applications


Input Integral gearmotor, quill and C-face adapter
Output Taper-Grip® Bushing, Keyed Hollow Bore, Screw Conveyor
Ratios 11:1 up to 26,000:1 and greater
Torque Up to 75,806 lb-in (8,565 Nm)
Power Range 1/8-40 HP (0.1 to 30 kW)
Mounting Hollow Shaft, Flange, Face
Options Integral Motor, C-Face
Motor Standards NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, CE


Cyclo® HBB

Sumitomo’s Cyclo® Helical Buddybox® (Cyclo® HBB) speed reducers and gearmotors provide innovative shaft-mounted drive solutions for demanding applications. The Cyclo® HBB combines the quiet, efficient and reliable performance of the Cyclo® input with the rugged helical-gear output. The modular design provides a compact, efficient product and the most flexible range of output speed and torque combinations available.

Key Facts

Max Bore Size
Max Rating

Modular Design

Interchangeable cast-iron housings in flange, face or shaft-mount configurations.

Cyclo® Technology

Quiet, efficient and reliable operation with high-torque density and compact size.

Taper-Grip® Bushing

Provides quick, easy mounting and removal of the unit without the need for a custom shaft.

No Thermal Limitations

Highly-efficient design never needs an external fan.

Rugged Monoblock Housing

Monoblock-housing design eliminates the possibility of leaks at housing split.

CEMA Screw Conveyor

CEMA standard shafts and compact design eliminates belts, sheaves and guards, saving space and reducing maintenance.

Double-Output Seals

Prevent lubricant leaks and protect from contamination.

Mounting Versatility

Flange, Face, and Shaft Mounting options allow for universal mounting.

Long Life Bearings

Oversized, heavy-duty bearings for maximum strength and service life.


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Cyclo HBB Gearmotor and Speed Reducers Catalog


Cyclo Helical Buddybox (HBB) Gearmotor and Reducer Full Catalog


Cyclo Helical BuddyBox (HBB) Operation and Maintenance Manual


Cyclo Helical BuddyBox Operation and Maintenance Manual

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